Sixth Street Community Synagogue

Posted by Sixth St Community Synagogue on November 22, 2009

6th Street Community Synagogue


Address: 325 East Sixth Street, New York, NY 10003
Rabbi Greg Wall
Phone: (212) 473-3665

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Davening Times

Weekday Morning Services

Sunday and legal holidays—7:30 AM
Monday through Friday—6:30 AM

Weekday Evening Services

Held at Mezerich Synagogue, 6th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A Sunday through Thursday—for time, see Shabbat mincha time for that week.

Shabbat Evening Services

6 PM, Fridays
7 PM, TGIF Series

Shabbat Morning Services

Saturday Morning Exploratory Minyan
A new exploratory minyan will start this Shabbat from 10 AM-11:30, for anybody who feels like communal prayer is challenging, foreign, or uncomfortable. Hebrew is not required. The session will be led by the amazingly musical Avram Mlotek, as well as NYU’s Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, a perennial East Village fave. Participants can explore the basics of traditional prayer in a safe, non judgmental environment, with plenty of room for questions. It will include a parasha discussion and a special kiddish afterwards.

Classes and Events

Weekday Shiurim

Kosher Living Class—Mondays at 7 PM in Community’s Community Room.
Kashrut, the act of ‘keeping kosher’ is one of the quintessential components of Jewish practice. It can be very challenging to navigate through our secular society without a firm grounding in what constitutes kosher food and cooking. We will debunk myths and learn what is really essential to make informed decisions about what we put in our mouths.

What goes into the making of a Kosher Kitchen?” This question is heard more and more often today. Whether you are a novice or a learned student of Torah Laws, the answer is becoming more and more complicated as new food products and methods of preparation are introduced into our modern kitchens. Thus, many people are stymied in their pursuit of the Kosher Kitchen . This can cost the average kitchen owner needless expense if food or utensils are rendered not kosher simply because knowledge that was available was not applied in the first place. Even those who have a basic knowledge are unsure of its applications.

Most information going into the making of a Kosher kitchen has been handed down by word of mouth, generation, by generation. Some people have purchased books. Even those who have a basic knowledge are sometimes unsure of its applications or do not know the reasons why some things are done.

Our goal is to teach you to identify the problems before they happen and to instruct you how to solve them as they arise. Set forth in an entertaining way, you will be taken through the steps of setting up a Kosher Kitchen from the very basics to the modern day issues.

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